Gently Down The Stream

Gently Down the Stream...

As spiritual beings learning to be human, we "Row-Row-Row Our Boats" through living and trying to make sense of our lives as best we can, by looking at the reasons why we are here on earth at this time, to understand what the lessons are that we are supposed to be learning, and the ways in which we resist learning them. The challenge is to proceed "Gently Down the Stream," making choices and reframing our perceptions for gentleness in ourselves and others. Gently loving ourselves and others comes so much more naturally when we row our lives down the stream. At the same time, just as the nursery rhyme/round simultaneously echoes these instructions, "Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily" promises that this journey can invoke and experience happiness--realizing all the while that "Life Is But A Dream," that both the subjective and projective aspects of perception and the ephemerality of life itself stress the choices and reasons we have to imagine and reframe our experience of life to increase the gentleness {love} and happiness {joy} of life. Key to this is awakening and empowering the imagination--the theme of the links on this page.

The imagination is the medium of communication between the two parts of the mind: it functions as a medium through which content from the unconscious mind can come into conscious awareness.

Communication through the imagination is two-way. The conscious mind can also use the medium of the imagination to communicate with the unconscious mind. The conscious mind sends suggestions about what it wants through the imagination to the unconscious. It imagines things, and the subconscious intelligences work to make them happen.

The suggestions can be words, feelings or images. Athletes commonly use images to mentally rehearse how they want to perform by picturing themselves successfully completing their competition. A tennis player may see a tennis ball striking the racket at just the right spot, at just the perfect moment in the swing. Studies show that this form of imaging improves performance.

However, the unconscious mind uses the imagination to communicate with the conscious mind far more often than the other way around. New ideas, hunches, daydreams and intuitions come from the unconscious to the conscious mind through the medium of the imagination.

~John Pateros Imagination

The use of Imagination and Images in personal growth and spiritual psychology demonstrates how the Higher Self "I" can be discovered and channeled through imagination, and how this Higher Self can become a "hub" through which the subpersonalities of the self come into awareness and are integrated. This rests on a foundation from Jung, Psychosynthesis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and techniques of spiritual counseling.

I in a Nation of Images

  1. Inner Dialogue -- Inner dialogue is a vital tool in process work, enabling us to easily and quickly communicate with parts of the self that may otherwise remain in the unconscious. These include child parts, back to the embryo in the womb; times before conception or between lives; past life aspects; and transpersonal beings, essences and forces. Inner dialogue also allows us to communicate with the Higher Self of another, and even with Deity.
  2. Conversations Within: Journal Writing and Inner Dialogue -- You have an inner source of wisdom that far exceeds what you think of as your limits. You will learn to use Inner Talk to tap this source of wisdom.
  3. Jungian Techniques: Individuation, Active Imagination and Dream Interpretation -- Active Imagination is defined as “a method of assimilating unconscious contents (dreams, fantasies, etc.) through some form of self-expression...the object is to give a voice to sides of the personality (particularly the anima/animus and the shadow) that are normally not heard, thereby establishing a line of communication between consciousness and the unconscious.” Jungian analysis strives to achieve the creative synthesis of the Soul and Ego, of the Personal and Collective Unconscious with the Conscious. This quest is the evolutionary task for our age.
  4. Working and Playing with Subpersonalities -- We tend to have the illusion that a person's 'self' is "indivisible and inalterable without change, and always continues to completely stay the same." Actually, it is the opposite, for several various contradicting diversified inner aspects or what can be called the 'small selves within one's self' exist within us. They are called the "Subpersonality."
  5. Guided Imagery -- An active, meditative process for self-healing, relaxation, and self-awareness
  6. What is Creative Visualization? -- There are three basic steps to manifestation: Conceive it (what is it that you desire?), Believe it (act as though it's already occurred, in every way), and then Receive it! All the while, be thankful!
  7. Guided Imagery for Groups -- If you have time for an extended session on imagery, choose one or more brief scripts to use as guided imagery.
  8. New Tools for Personal Transformation -- Process Coaching offers a rich and versatile set of tools that can be used to create other new techniques and further develop one's own unique approach to their personal healing and transformation. Process Coaching students learn how to use these powerful tools in their own process... in a coaching rather than therapeutic relationship.
  9. Process Coaching ~ Self-Healing Techniques -- "Process Coaching is an eclectic approach to learning and using tools to get unstuck and move process forward."
  10. Forgiveness: Gatherings and Resources -- Brief article and highly useful links
  11. Self-forgiveness -- "One of the acts of life that fills experience with purpose. It brings love to a place where it wasn't before and transforms the spot by bringing a different fulfillment
  12. A Structured Forgiveness Program
  13. Your Forgiveness Agenda -- A questionnaire help locate sources of unhealed resentments still in your system
  14. The Commonest Obstacles to the Forgiveness Processes - especially the Self-Forgiveness Process -- There are four subpersonalities (the gang of four!) which if overdeveloped and unbalanced by their opposites in a person's psyche can cause difficulty.
  15. Reframing -- Several sites explaining the reframing process, a key aspect of self-counseling.
  16. Positive Self Talk -- Purposefully interjecting and rehearsing positive information in the flow of our Mind Talk
  17. Self Image Cycles -- Examples of self-talk functioning from poor self image vs. your True Self. "Ask your Inner Counselor to help you."
  18. Your Thoughts Are Very Powerful -- Interesting thoughts on creativity and imagination. Make particular note of Soul Thoughts
  19. Heart-Centered Personal Transformation -- Many people now see development beyond normality as the logical culmination of human development. In the first phase of life, from childhood to middle adulthood, we are becoming individuals, learning to meet the demands of family, work, and society. In the second phase, which begins, according to Jung, with the midlife crisis, we begin to turn inward, to reconnect with the Self, the center of our being. In the first phase we build and develop our ego and in the second phase we transcend it.
  20. Heart Centered Therapies Document Index -- Powerful teachings and insights from the Heart-Centered Therapies Association
  21. Phase Shifting: Training for Godhood -- "Among the most remarkable transformations that are occurring in these latter days are the incidents when individuals switch viewpoints with the Oneself for a moment in time."
  22. SAGING, While Aging -- Creative Elderhood awaits all who are willing.
  23. Nine Gates Mystery School -- "The Nine Gates Mystery School is an intense spiritual training... not a 'workshop' or 'retreat', but a journey taken by individuals seeking the depths of life’s mysteries.
  24. The Wisdom of Kabbalah -- "This method is a practical way to apprehend the upper world and the source of our existence while still living in this world. The Kabbalist is a researcher who studies his nature using this proven, time-tested and accurate method."
  25. Transmissions From The Reconnections -- "We are the Reconnections. We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human." Over two dozen mind and soul provoking articles.
  26. Essential Pathways: A Spiritual Solution -- Essential Pathways specilizes in offering lessons on guided imagery clearings - a self help site with holistic tools for personal growth and spiritual transformation.
  27. Jungian Perspectives by Theme -- Jacquelyn Small's Insightful short essays
  28. Eupsychia Institute for Well Being: An Overview -- The therapists and teachers of Eupsychia specialize in soul-based approaches to training and healing using methods that are making real differences in people's lives. "Synthesizing elements of mainstream psychotherapy with non-traditional ways of healing the human psyche, we have honed this Soul-based approach to psychology for over 25 years in our work with professionals and seekers."
  29. Articles Promoting Psychospiritual Well-Being -- From Eupsychia
  30. The National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies -- The creative arts therapies include art therapy, dance/movement therapy, drama therapy, music therapy, poetry therapy, and psychodrama. These therapies use arts modalities and creative processes during intentional intervention in therapeutic, rehabilitative, community, or educational settings to foster health, communication, and expression; promote the integration of physical, emotional, cognitive, and social functioning; enhance self-awareness; and facilitate change.
  31. Noetic Field Balancing -- "...a healing approach that combines an understanding of the ancient mysteries with modern psychology. Noetic means spiritual mind, or soul-mind. Through the spiritual mind we see the world of the soul as cause and the material/psychological world as effect, as mirror for the evolution of the soul." Along with further articles on Noetic Field Therapy and Noetic Mastery: Keys to Unlocking Our Holiness, Robert D. Waterman offers amazing insights and resources.
  32. Imagination is Greater than Knowledge -- These pages are an attempt to imagine a science with a cornerstone of objectivity replaced by another cornerstone - subjectivity, without a denial that there is something out there.
  33. Schooling the Imagination -- Waldorf schools, which began in the esoteric mind of the Austrian philosopher Rudolph Steiner, have forged a unique blend of progressive and traditional teaching methods that seem to achieve impressive results -- intellectual, social, even moral
  34. Imagination, Mental Imagery, Consciousness, and Cognition: Scientific, Philosophical and Historical Approaches -- A resource with numerous links for the study of imagination and mental images and their relevance to the understanding of consciousness and cognition, as approached primarily through the methods of analytical philosophy, experimental psychology, cognitive science, and the history of ideas/intellectual history. Shows a strong flavor of scholarship.
  35. Index of Learning Styles -- Four dimensions (active/reflective, sensing/intuitive, visual/verbal, and sequential/global) of a learning style model
  36. SpiritWalk Teachers -- Individuals whose lives and teachings have brought inspiration to all of us
  37. Unconditional Love -- The greatest power known to man is that of unconditional love.
  38. Projection -- By learning to use Seeing the Loving Essence and Heart-Centered Listening in relation to the subpersonalities of the self, the client can learn to reduce projection and increase perception.
  39. Cooperative Communication Skills Extended Learning Community -- "Free books, essays and exercises to help you communicate more creatively, successfully, & compassionately; encourage dialogue/resolve conflicts/prevent violence; and work with family members in building a more cooperative shared life."
  40. Spiritueel Trefpunt -- What? A Dutch title {this page is in English}with insight stimulating articles on spirituality and consciousness
  41. Strong at the Broken Places -- Senator Max Cleland's inflential and inspirational article about turning our scars into stars
  42. Planetlightworker Magazine
  43. Children of the New Earth -- "According to many, there are new generations coming into reality that have a different sense about them, a different approach to life itself. These children have been called Indigos, Crystals, Blue Rays, Star Children, and others."
  44. Living Love--The Science of Happiness -- Effective techniques that people can use to solve problems in their lives and to feel happier. It is a method that is easy to learn and once done is totally portable, one you can do on your own. Your life becomes your teacher! Nothing necessarily has to change in your external life but you will become wiser and happier.
  45. Creativity -- While schoolrooms have often stifled rather than nourished creativity, we are now emerging into a period demanding creativity for the workplace as well as the school, and the forms schooling will assume in the future.
  46. Optimal Questions -- "The quality of the questions you ask determines the quality of your life. When you ask the best questions of yourself and others, you invite the best answers."
  47. Spirit and Wisdom -- More than sixty sites pertaining to soul-based living and learning
  48. The Truth about Enlightenment -- Unless the Inner Map of Enlightenment is seen clearly and the process of Awakening fully understood, the seeker will be groping in darkness, lost in confusion and sorrow. As the light of the Self is shining at the heart of Creation, so there is another light, the light of Understanding that can lead us, doubtlessly, to the complete realisation of the Self. This teaching, that we present here, is the clear presentation of this Understanding. May it lead all those who are on the Path to the Ultimate Experience of the I AM.
  49. The Evolution of Consciousness: Sparkle in Eyelight -- Owen Barfield's seminal writings (excerpts) related to consciousness
  50. Synchronicity and the Enfolded -- "A place where marvelous ideas and experiences of synchronicity and the enfolded and unfolding cosmos, mind and soul may be discovered, explored, shared and discussed."
  51. The Imaginative Thinker -- Anything but pragmatic in orientation and purpose, it aspires to be no less than a book of wonders, a selection of thought probes and mind-boggling ideas.
  52. The Owen Barfield World Wide Website -- Resources to explore this pioneer thinker on the evolution of consciousness
  53. What Is Real? -- A 3-minute download yields a flash movie overview of consciousness in a spiritual light.
  54. A Course in Consciousness -- An online 26 Chapter book from a University of Virginia Emeritus Professor of Physics
  55. University of Yourself Recommended Books -- Most topics covered on these links, including Dreams | I Ching | Poetry | Secrets of the Universe | Enrich Yourself | Expand Yourself | Explore Yourself | Grow Yourself | Help Yourself | Inspire Yourself Renew Yourself | Share Yourself

    Counseling/Psychology Approaches

  56. Behaviorism -- Behaviorism's goal is to promote the scientific study of behavior.
  57. Allan Turner's Person Centred Web Site -- A wide collection of Person/Client Centred material
  58. An Introduction to Reality Therapy and Choice Theory -- Fine array of articles and insights
  59. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy -- REBT will appeal to you if you relish quickly taking control of your own life, rather than remaining dependent upon a therapist for years.
  60. The Gestalt Therapy Page -- Numerous articles and links on current and original Gestalt practice
  61. Psychosynthesis -- National organization site with numerous resources
  62. Neuro Linguistic Programming -- NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, is the art and science that can be described in a nutshell, as an "attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques."
  63. NEURO-SEMANTICS -- Powerful techniques for discovering and reframing the sentences and stories we tell ourselves.


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