1. Classroom Connect
  2. How to Set Up Computers in Your Classroom
  3. Computers and the Writing Classroom
  4. Getting Technology and Computers into the Classroom
  5. T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education)
  6. Computer Labs Versus Classroom Integration of Computers
  7. Teachers and Technology: Potential and Pitfalls HREF="">Helping Students Search the Internet: A Hands-On Workshop
  8. Integrating the Internet
  9. Internet Classrooms
  10. Internet Use By Teachers
  11. From Now On
  12. E-Pals Classroom Exchange
  13. Classroom Links
  14. - helps you find educational software that exactly matches your needs
  15. Filamentality - fill-in-the-blank interactive Web site that guides you through picking a topic, searching the Web, gathering good Internet sites, and turning Web resources into learning activities
  16. Children's Software Revue - objective, comprehensive and timely software reviews
  17. Add-A-Form - build questionnaires, quizzes and other forms for your Web site
  18. Impact Online - nonprofit organization investing in the development of public interest Internet applications
  19. MaMaMedia - rich and entertaining time for kids that provides playful learning and increased technological fluency
  20. EdWeb - hyperbook exploring the worlds of educational reform and information technology
  21. KidzPrivacy - explains the 1998 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and encourages parents and teachers to take an active role in determining the privacy policy of any site used with children
  22. ThinkQuest Internet Challenge - Web site design contest for students ages 12 through 19; form teams with their colleagues from around the world to win scholarships
  23. The Educational CyberPlayGround - learn to use the Internet effectively to aid teaching
  24. Backflip - creates a free "account" on your computer so that you can save and organize your favorite Web sites from any computer
  25. Search Engine Watch - explains what search engines are, has tips for submitting Web sites to search engines, provides Web searching tips and more
  26. GetNetWise - resource for families and caregivers to help kids have safe, educational, and entertaining online experiences
  27. - proprietary technology to create online courses and provides access to a network of exclusive courses
  28. - tools to build, edit and maintain school Web sites
  29. Media Awareness Network - offers a variety of resources for teachers, students, parents and others on a wide range of media topics
  30. America Links Up: A Kids Online Teach-In - public awareness and education campaign for parents and children that teaches how to provide children with a safe and rewarding experience online
  31. Webmonkey for Kids - lessons for students on building homepages, including tools needed to write code, create pictures and go on line, as well as how to create invitations, slide shows and much more
  32. The Center For Media Education - dedicated to improving the quality of electronic media, especially on the behalf of children and families
  33. Module Maker - guides teachers through the process of creating online research modules for their students
  34. Teaching Students How to Use the Internet Safely - includes lesson plans and a hotlist of resource sites
  35. Integrating the Internet in the Classroom Curriculum - shows teachers how to introduce the Internet, use the Internet in creative ways for gathering information, join or design a collaborative project, and publish information
  36. 21st Century Teachers Network - learn more about educational technology through a library of lesson plans and activities
  37. Tramline Inc. - "Web tours" of various topics
  38. Children and TV Violence - become aware of the media influences in children's lives
  39. Education with New Technologies: Networked Learning Community - improving teaching with technology integration
  40. Microsoft in K-12 Education - newsletters, teaching and learning opportunities, training and classroom resources, and technology planning assistance centered around using computers in the classroom
  41. ClassroomConnect - learn about connected classroom conferences, plus on-line resources and links about technology in schools
  42. - resources, chatrooms, and other opportunities for teachers to share ideas about technology in the classroom
  43. Web66 - links related to using the Web in the classroom
  44. Electronic School - newsletter-type site about wired classrooms
  45. The Online Educator - archive of useful education links, Super Sites for teachers and homeschoolers, and monthly newsletter subscription


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