Studies on peer and cross-age tutoring report that both the tutors and the tutees show academic and attitudinal improvement as a result of participating in the tutoring process. Not only do students who are tutored benefit, the students who do the tutoring also benefit, often more than those who are being tutored.

Peer tutoring and cross-age tutoring have particularly important benefits for at-risk and disadvantaged students. As tutors, students re-learn material that might not have been mastered fully the first time. They further develop and refine their knowledge and skills. They perform better on achievement tests.

Equally important is the fact that assuming the role of tutor brings a level of respectability to the learning and re-learning process that is not matched by being placed in a slow or remedial group. At-risk or disadvantaged middle grades tutors are given an important role to play and develop new and healthier images of themselves. Often they develop an appreciation of the teaching process and become motivated to cooperate with the classroom teachers, who helped them find a meaningful role to play.

On-line Tutoring Handbooks give tutors and programs resources to make the development of tutors more productive. Tutoring is a cost-effective and solidly research-based means to improve learning at all ages and levels!


  1. Youth In Action: Cross-Age Teaching -- a program guide and manual
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On-Line Tutoring Handbooks

  1. Training-Coaching-Implementation Model
  2. Information for Prospective Tutors -- Answers for Frequently Asked Questions by Literacy Volunteers
  3. Tutor Training -- Several tutor training modules with practical exercises
  4. Tutor Training -- To enable tutors to be active participants in changing the direction of students' academic success
  5. Tutor Training for Corporate Partners and Community Groups -- from Cleveland Reads
  6. The Penn State Writing Center Handbook for Peer Tutors in Writing
  7. ESL Tutoring Handbook
  8. 21st Century Tutoring Handbook
  9. Tutoring: Strategies for Successful Learning
  10. Advice for Tutors
  11. The Training of Tutors
  12. Macomb Literacy Partners
  13. Other Online Handbooks for Volunteers
  14. An Introduction to Asset Building


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