Teaching and Learning for Diversity
Course Outline
  Teaching and Learning for Diversity is one of many courses offered through Teacher Development Network's Distance Learning Program. The course focuses on inclusion, Bilingual/English language learners, multiple intelligences and learning styles and multicultural education. The course focuses on producing a Project of ideas and resources. This course may be taken twice, for a total of eight credits.

This is a PASS/FAIL course. Therefore, SELECT and BASE YOUR WORK on those areas that best match your current interests. You can return any time to areas that match future concerns and changing interests--one of the many advantages of on-line learning

Classrooms today are far more diverse than heretofore, both nationally and locally. Students formerly in Resource Rooms and Gifted Centers are now integrated into the mainstream; which has undergone pressures to detrack. Our knowledge of how people learn has taught us about multiple variations in what works for individual students. In addition, our schools are now undergoing a dramatic demographic change with an influx of students who are learning to speak and read English.

Essential Questions
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