Assessing Through Senior Exhibitions and Projects

  1. Senior Exhibitions at Riverdale High School
  2. Teaching exhibition skills in grades 9 - 12
  3. Exhibition Support Materials
  4. Senior Exhibition at Point Loma High -- Senior Exhibition is a requirement of graduation from San Diego City Schools.
  5. The Reflective Essay -- A Requirement in Many Senior Exhibitions
  6. Senior Exhibition -- The culminating activity in the Career Pathways/Service Learning course and a GMCHS requirement for graduation.
  7. Assessment & Evaluation -- The word “assessment” derives from a Latin word meaning “to sit beside.” This root meaning conjures an image of what effective assessment looks like—a teacher sitting next to a student to discuss his or her work, review progress of drafts and suggest next steps.
  8. Assessment and Exhibitions -- From the Coalition of Essential Schools
  9. Exhibition Resources -- Also from the Coalition of Essential Schools
  10. Exhibitions: Demonstrations of Mastery in Essential Schools
  11. Where's Your School on the Exhibitions Continuum?
  12. Authentic Education -- Authentic Education has its roots in almost 20 years of school reform at the national level.
  13. Structural and Curricular Design: What Changes When an Essential School Commits to Exhibitions?
  14. Exhibitions: Facing Outward, Pointing Inward
  15. Performance and Exhibitions: The Demonstration of Mastery
  16. A Culture of Exhibitions Begins to Take Hold -- "At every grade level and in every subject area, the new requirement has prompted teachers to put more emphasis on linking disciplines through essential questions, locating academic questions in a real-world context that has meaning to students, and encouraging thoughtful inquiry in depth rather than rote learning across a broad but shallow curriculum."
  17. The Six Tenets of the Senior Project
  18. Senior Project at Camas High School
  19. Senior Project: Sample Topics -- From New Trier Township High
  20. Senior Science Projects (Grades 10 - 12)
  21. Randolph Union High School - Senior Project
  22. Senior Projects: Is Your High School Student Ready?
  23. Senior Project -- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  24. Senior projects make high school more effective
  25. Pasco High School Senior Project -- Good Resource Links
  26. - The Official Senior Project Site
  27. High School Internships
  28. Performance Assessment: Exhibitions
  29. What is an Exhibition? -- "nuts and bolts"
  30. Authentic Assessment -- The aim of the Authentic Assessment project is to make available practical information to help teachers develop and implement an Exhibitions Program, including Roundtable assessment.
  31. Rhode Island High School Diploma System
  32. Senior Exhibitions at Santa Monica High School
  33. Maine's Model of Science Exhibition -- The materials here explain and provide tools for developing, organizing, and supporting an assessment exhibition that allows students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in relation to state science and technology standards.
  34. Alternative Assessment: Implications for Social Studies. ERIC Digest
  35. Senior Project Exhibition Rubric
  36. Alternatives to Standardized Tests
  37. Exhibitions of Mastery: The Tail That Wags the Dog
  38. Essential Questions in Teaching and Learning
  39. Assessment Matters! Toward Authentic Assessment -- If education reform is to succeed, it will be due in large part to the reform of assessment practices. The sites listed below reflect educators' efforts to assess deeper levels of understanding, higher levels of thinking, and student performance on more life-like tasks. Most authentic assessment moves from measuring fact memory to measuring indicators of understanding and thinking skills. Thus reformed assessment is key to overcoming negative effects of Standardized Testing with its effect of influencing teaching toward lower level knowledge-without-context.


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