Gifted & Talented Education

Teaching the Gifted
  1. The Davidson Academy of Nevada
  2. The Davidson Institute for Talent Development
  3. Genius Denied
  4. The Association for the Gifted -- Note ERIC Digests on Gifted & Talented
  5. Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development
  6. The Torrance Center for Creativity & Talent Development
  7. Guidance on Teaching the Gifted and Talented -- A British site with criteria for identifying and resources by discipline area
  8. Hoagies' Gifted Education Page
  9. Education Program for Gifted Youth Online High School Stanford University
  10. An Overview of the Academic Program at the EPGY Online High School at Stanford University
  11. The Charter School of Wilmington~~Academics
  12. Parker Charter School~~Curriculum and Assessment
  13. The Gateway Portfolio Exhibition
  14. Creativity
  15. Using Creative Dramatics
  16. KidSource: Gifted and Talented Students
  17. Joy and Loss: The Emotional Lives of Gifted Children
  18. Six Seconds EQ Training
  19. EQ Toolbox
  20. Career Planning for Gifted and Talented Youth
  21. College Planning for Gifted and Talented Youth
  22. How Can I Help My Gifted Child Plan for College?
  23. The Renaissance of Anti-Intellectualism
  24. Essential Questions
  25. Study Guides and Strategies

    Academic Content

  1. AP English Resources
  2. Teaching and Learning English More Effectively
  3. Doing Close Reading
  4. Project Assignments
  5. Teaching and Learning Math More Effectively
  6. Teaching and Learning Sciences More Effectively
  7. Teaching and Learning Social Studies More Effectively
  8. Curriculum Development
  9. Cross-Disciplines Teaching Strategies
  10. Questioning Toolkit
  11. Assessment Matters!
  12. Integrated Curriculum
  13. Toward an Integrated Curriculum
  14. Developing an Applied and Integrated Curriculum
  15. Creating Schools That Learn


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