Global Awareness

  1. The Intellectual and Policy Foundations of the 21st Century Skills Framework -- Skills needed to stay competitive in the future Global Marketplace
  2. CRRE Quality Indicators -- Guide to Culturally Relevant and Responsive Education
  3. The REACH Center
  4. High School Reach (HSR) -- How can secondary teachers increase the multicultural content in their lessons?
  5. The Global Consciousness Project (GCP)
  6. Global Conscious -- Movies that expand global consciousness
  7. The World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality -- The Commission seeks to inspire consciousness of the wholeness of the human family and the sacred tapestry of all life. This spirituality is the foundation of a global consciousness that honors the wisdom found in the world & apostles' traditions, cultures and disciplines.
  8. Global Awareness Curriculum -- A collection of lesson ideas, units and more for teaching with the world. Use these ideas in your classroom, or consider publishing your own favorite lessons and ideas for others to enjoy.
  9. Comparative and International Education Society -- Comparatively Speaking An Oral History
  10. Hands on the Land -- A national network of field classrooms to enhance kindergarten through high school student-learning
  11. Global Awareness Links and Links to Other Sites
  12. Global Awareness Project -- A Think Quest entry
  13. Telecollaborative Project -- Develops Compassion, Global Awareness
  14. GATE: Global Awareness Through Experience
  15. Multicultural Education
  16. In-Sites for Teaching English Language Learners


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