Jungian Techniques: Individuation, Active Imagination and Dream Interpretation

  1. C.G. Jung -- Fine brief biography, quotes, and numerous links
  2. Individuation: The Process of a Lifetime -- The process of individuation is the vessel, the container within which all other things rise and fall, ebb and flow - including our dreams and fantasies, our aspirations and sense of vocation, our ventures and wrong turnings. The process of individuation is the archetypal soup in which all humankind finds itself swimming.
  3. Process of Individuation -- "First we'll need some background concepts. The critical ones as I see them are the unconscious and archetypes."
  4. Individuation -- This and the three succeeding links from this page to "Shadow," "Anima/Animus" and "Self" are outstanding Jungian primers.
  5. Illuminating the Shadow: An Interview with Connie Zweig -- Zweig is the founder of the Institute for Shadow-work and Spiritual Psychotherapy in Los Angeles.
  6. A Brief History of Sand Play -- Sand-tray, or Sand Play, refers to the technique of using miniatures in a shallow box partially filled with sand.
  7. Sandplay, Art and Play Therapy Sites -- Links exploring a key Jungian strategy for elucidating active imagination and sub-personalities.
  8. About SHADOW WORK -- Good overview via quotes and links to articles
  9. Active Imagination -- Jung described active imagination as a putting aside of conscious criticism while we allow our irrational to play or fantasy. In relationship to a dream, this technique can be extraordinarily helpful and revealing.
  10. Jungian Perspectives by Theme -- Jacquelyn Small's Insightful short essays
  11. Active Imagination -- A method of assimilating unconscious contents (dreams, fantasies, etc.) through some form of self-expression.
  12. The Hero's Quest -- Healing your life through Story-Telling, Dream-Tending & Personal Mythology...a terrific and resourceful site!
  13. Myth*ing Links -- Prof. Kathleen Jenks of Pacifica's Department of Mythological Studies has developed this amazingly fertile and thorough site on myths and archetypes.
  14. Links on Mythology -- This page contains links to websites on mythology, that is, the study of myths or the mythic stories themselves. This definition includes fairy tales, legends, and the study of mythic themes in pop culture, as well as the relationship between myth and science.
  15. Active Imagination -- The Oracle Within -- Active imagination is a process of consciously dialoguing with our unconscious "for the production of those contents of the unconscious which lie, as it were, immediately below the threshold of consciousness and, when intensified, are the most likely to erupt spontaneously into the conscious mind."
  16. Papers and Links on Active Imagination -- Eleven thoughtful papers
  17. Getting Started with Active Imagination -- Active Imagination is possible when one moves his/her everyday consciousness towards the dream world.
  18. Emo-Active Imagination -- Emo-Active Imagination draws upon Jung's Active Imagination method for working with the symbolic representations of the unconscious.
  19. The Grail - A Hero's Quest to the Self -- A Hero's Quest to the Self asks nothing less than the courage to meet your true self, however he chooses to reveal himself.
  20. Growing Men -- More and more, men are awakening to consciousness of what it means to be alive at this point in time. Those who have made the inward journey, and who have sat with and listened to men around campfires and coffee tables, share their insights and wisdom in these sites.
  21. Active Imagination -- We all talk to ourselves, but we sometimes do that as part of a negative cycle of worry, blame, or guilt. Active imagination personifies the "parts" who are talking -- with the presupposition of creating more clarity or even resolution that might not be possible with ordinary linear problem-solving.
  22. Active Imagination -- Active Imagination is defined as a method of assimilating unconscious contents (dreams, fantasies, etc.) through some form of self-expression...the object is to give a voice to sides of the personality (particularly the anima/animus and the shadow) that are normally not heard, thereby establishing a line of communication between consciousness and the unconscious.
  23. Active Imagination (Part2) -- Continuation of the above article
  24. Journey of Active Imagination -- The Web Home of Marilyn Geist
  25. Working on Ones Inner Life -- Jung was struck by the similarities between the dream material of the people with whom he worked psychologically and the reported experiences of mystics of all religions and alchemists throughout the centuries.
  26. What is Active Imagination and Hypnagogia? -- Active Imagination is a fairly rare natural process that need not be so rare. It is highly treasured by those who have mastered it and it has been used, in one way or another, in seeking deep inner experience.
  27. Active Imagination: Theory and Practice -- Anyone interested in modern dynamic psychology at some stage has to address themselves to the question of the role of the imagination in the development of the personality.
  28. On Active Imagination -- Active imagination is soul work.
  29. Carl Jung and the Collective Unconscious -- It is for his ideas of the collective unconscious that students of literature and mythology are indebted to Jung. In studying different cultures, he was struck by the universality of many themes, patterns, stories and images. These same images, he found, frequently appeared in the dreams of his patients. From these observations, Jung developed his theory of the collective unconscious and the archetypes.
  30. The Heartwork Institute Transformational Program -- Heartwork is a simple, direct, powerful, yet gentle tool for opening fully to one's life. Both a counseling approach and a way of living, Heartwork serves to resolve problems at their core, and to open the "heart of compassion."
  31. Shadow Work -- A special July 2002 issue of Soulful Living Magazine with numerous articles on this theme
  32. Links to Shadow Work -- Seven articles exploring the Shadow
  33. Tarot Shadow Work: Using the Dark Symbols to Heal -- In Tarot Shadow Work, Christine Jette introduces us to our shadow through effective writing and many tarot exercises.
  34. Shadow Work -- Shadow work cannot be accomplished with a single method or trick of mind. It is a complex ongoing process calling for great commitment, vigilance and honesty.
  35. Brugh's Page Archive -- A collection of Jungian therapist/writer Brugh Joy's brief wisdom writings
  36. Myth, Dreams, Symbols -- Jung's approach to finding balance in life...
  37. Dream Related Sites on the Net -- Amazing array of links and sites.
  38. Dream Work, A History -- From the Greeks to Freud, to Jung and Hillman
  39. Tenth Anniversary Issue of Lucidity Letter -- Lucid Dreaming from many angles
  40. Dr. Joy's "Joy-O-Matic" Dream Machine -- An Interpret My Dream tool, to treat like the I Ching (or, in this case, the "e-Ching"). Have fun!
  41. Lucid Dreaming -- Lucid Dreaming means dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming. This consciousness allows you to guide your dreams.
  42. DreamTending -- As a Jungian analyst, Stephen Aizenstat is no exception in granting the dreaming psyche a life of its own.
  43. Association for the Study of Dreams
  44. Working (and playing) with Dreams
  45. Cyber Dream Work
  46. Books on Dreams and Dreaming -- From the Association for Study of Dreams
  47. Myth, Symbolism and Individuation -- "The 'reconciliation of Apollo and Dionysus' of which Jung writes can be understood as a rationalisation of imagining couched in mythic terms which may or may not illuminate the nature of Greek Tragedy but certainly displays the modes of imagination as they are operative within the individual mind." Henry Marsh's profound essay connects Jung, Nietzsche, Keats, Greek myths, Shakespeare (Hamlet, The Tempest, King Lear), Marx, and more!
  48. Alchemical Imagination: Making Psyche Matter -- Alchemy is much more than the historical predecessor of metallurgy, chemistry and medicine -- it is a living form of sacred psychology.
  49. The New Alchemy Website -- Dedicated to publishing works designed for the electronic medium on a wide range of subjects, encompassing the science and spirituality of both East and West, ancient and new
  50. Mythic Praxis -- This page contains links to websites on the topics of including dreamwork, astrology, alchemy, magic, tarot, and mind-body practices such as qigong, yoga, et al.
  51. The Alchemy Web Site -- This amazing site from Adam McLean in Scotland is "dedicated to Alchemy in all its facets." It's an obvious labor of love.


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