Online Leadership Academy

Leadership is a service function of giving guidance and setting examples. In this class you will try to make your role one of "coaching" rather than teaching. This means you design learning activities and alternative possibilities, in consultatation with Dr. Osborne, other faculty, and other classroom leaders. You will then introduce these learning options to the team(s). The online portion of your training is to read relevant articles from these four links, and adapt them to you leadership/coaching role.

  1. Leadership Development Planning

  2. Index of Topics in the Free Management Library -- Way too many links, so be selective

  3. Leadership Rubric -- This was developed for Principals, but is quite adaptable to the leadership role you will develop in this class.

  4. Mission Statement Builder for Teens -- Try this out and print the results! You can come back to this site and redo it as well. Put your Mission Statement (revised) in the front of your Portfolio.

    Your Journal and other writings should reflect on your leadership learning and growth.

I will coach you on coaching both yourself and others, and leading in ways that do not fall into the trap of trying to dominate others. Leadership, in each and in all of us, is one of the most important concepts you will take from this course. We will also explore the relationship between leadership and courage, and inquire whether the "leader-as-hero" concept serves our corporations, social institutions, families, or inner lives, or whether "It takes a village..."

"...Using everything for our personal learning, upliftment and growth."