Lowest Energetic Emotional Levels

Shame, guilt, apathy, and grief represent the four lowest energy levels. Keep in mind that when your energy is operating at these levels there are usually multiple issues and problems causing the energetic imbalance. In these circumstances, it generally will take more time and multiple treatments to rebalance your system.

Shame: Early traumatic life experiences, such as sexual abuse and abandonment, can lead to shame. In our critical society, however, physical imperfections, sexual orientation, and other unusual behaviors can also lead to feelings of shame. Situations that deal with shame create many problems with self-acceptance. This is one reason why shame most likely will create a psychological reversal. Shame is the most destructive energy level, often leading to many self-sabotaging behaviors.

Guilt: People whose energy has dropped to the level of guilt tend to develop manipulative and/ or punishing personalities. They always behave as if they are a victim of life, and blame is one of their primary weapons. Those who have unconscious guilt or feel responsible for a traumatic situation tend to suffer from psychosomatic diseases.

Apathy: This is a state of helplessness where external energy is sought from caregivers. People operating at this energetic level are often felt to be a burden by those around them, as they are needy and may endlessly discuss their problems.

Grief: Often felt during times of sadness and loss, grief is a feeling that everyone experiences for short amounts of time during their life. However, people who grieve for extended periods of time (years) and continually operate within this level live a life of regret and depression. Grief also is the energy level of habitual losers and chronic gamblers, who accept failure as part of their lifestyle.