Middle Energetic Emotional Levels

The next four levels are fear, desire, anger, and pride. It is possible for people to have successful lives operating at these levels; the energy level is much higher and they tend to exhibit healthier behaviors. These levels, however, have their own particular concerns.

Fear: As you probably know, fear can be a healthy emotion, as it protects us from danger. As a life-view or continual state of being, however, it can lead to jealousy, chronically high stress, or a fear of success. Fear also limits the growth of the personality, because much energy is expended on dealing with fears.

Desire: The desire for money or power dictates the lives of many people and helps to drive the economy. Desire also is the energetic level of addictions, where craving becomes more important than an outcome. Unfortunately, as one desire is achieved, another often quickly replaces it.

Anger: Energy at this level can be either constructive or destructive. Anger can cause people to leave problem situations or deal with them. But, as a lifestyle, anger expresses itself as resentment or revenge. Angry people are irritable and explosive, can easily fall into rage, and tend to distance people from them.

Pride: People feel positive as they reach the level of pride, as they have attained some level of accomplishment in their lives. If pride originates exclusively from external forces, however, the inflated ego is vulnerable to attack. Also, if a loss of status occurs regarding pride, this energetic level can quickly move to shame. This is different from what we call a "healthy pride," which is closer to the description of neutrality that follows.