Personalizing High School

  1. Association of Personalized Learning Schools & Services
  2. What Is Personalized Learning? -- Personalized Learning is a leading, "21st century" approach to education that tailors learning according to the individual needs of each student.
  3. Adaptive and Personalized Learning: Supporting Individual Learning Differences
  4. Mass Customized Learning: Supporting Individual Learning Differences
  5. Personalized Learning in the High School -- from The Principals' Partnership
  6. Changing Systems to Personalize Learning: Six Workshops -- For nearly three decades, the Education Alliance at Brown University has promoted the dual concepts of equity and excellence in America’s schools.
  7. Big Picture Schools -- The Big Picture Company believes that schools must be personalized, educating every student equally, ONE STUDENT AT A TIME. Each student’s learning plan should grow out of his or her unique needs, interests, and passions. We believe that the education system must ensure that students and families are active participants in the design and authentic assessment of each child’s learning.
  8. One Student at a Time - Personalization -- “I am more interested in school now because school is more interested in me.”
  9. Standards and Variation: Nonconforming Our Way to High Quality
  10. Accountability in Small Schools -- Ensuring That No Child Is Left Unknown
  11. Personalized Learning: Preparing High School Students to Create their Futures -- When Learning Matters - Using Learning Plans To Educate One Student At A Time
  12. One Student at a Time: A Deeply Personalized Public High School
  13. The Big Picture: Education Is Everyone's Business -- A very insightful and concrete book
  14. Classroom Personalization
  15. Personalized Learning Environments -- Useful links to see what other schools are doing to personalize
  16. Research Brief: Personalized Learning in the High School -- From the Principals' Partnership
  17. Personalized Learning: Preparing High School Students to Create Their Futures
  18. Personalized Learning in Detracked Classrooms -- The School Administrator asks " Does personalized schooling require individualized curricula? Is it possible to provide a personalized learning environment even while holding high learning expectations for all students?"
  19. Personalizing My School: Perfect Parent Attendance
  20. A New Way of Learning: Innovative School Models -- Progressive secondary school programs focus on personalized education, development of self-esteem, and cultivation of learning and life skills.
  21. Ten Tips for Creating a Caring School: Raise Your Students' Emotional Intelligence Quotient
  22. No Two Are Quite Alike -- We cannot teach students well if we do not know them well. At its heart, personalized learning requires profound shifts in our thinking about education and schooling.
  23. Research Link / Giving Our Students the Time of Day -- Time should be adjusted to meet the individual needs of learners, rather than the administrative convenience of adults. The dimensions of time in the learning process extend far beyond whether one student needs more time and another can do with less. The flexible use of time can permit more individualized instruction.
  24. Personalizing a Large Comprehensive High School
  25. Personalized Learning -- When learning is personalized, schools help students assess their own interests and talents, create a plan for achieving their personal goals, and demonstrate what they know and can do using a variety of media and clear standards—all with the close support of teachers and mentors.
  26. Breaking Ranks II & High School Reform -- Breaking Ranks II engages principals, teacher leaders, and the entire school community in reforming the American high school into an academically rigorous, personalized learning environment that is improved through collaborative leadership.
  27. From Large to Small: Strategies for Personalizing the High School -- The conversion of large urban high schools into small, focused learning centers is gaining currency as an education reform strategy.
  28. Principal of the Year Personalizes, Individualizes Student Learning -- Her efforts as principal to personalize education at Thomas B. Doherty High School helped earn her national Principal of the Year honors.
  29. Personalized Learning Requirements -- From Oregon Department of Education
  30. Personalization Programs in CT High Schools -- creating a more personalized experience for all the members of the school community.
  31. Personalizing Language Learning in Large Classes
  32. Personalizing learning in urban high schools -- Ongoing small school reforms may help provide the personalization needed to make schooling relevant and engaging, but without self-devised personal learning plans, students will never attain the levels of autonomy, self-directedness, and responsibility that are crucial in the global age.
  33. Position Statement: Smaller Learning Communities -- One approach to personalize the high school setting and improve student achievement is to create smaller learning communities within large schools where every student is provided with an adult advocate and the opportunity to develop a relationship with a staff member.
  34. Personalized Learning in the High School -- A Research Brief from the Principals' Partnership
  35. Guidelines for Personalized Learning Plans -- The Personalized Learning Plan is expected to be developmental, i.e. to change over time. Goals in it should be both short and long term.
  36. Two Schools: Two Approaches to Personalized Learning -- The authors believe that the kind of vital personalization exemplified at Haney and Parker -- not state testing or rigid standardization -- must become the cornerstone of school renewal if educators and the communities they serve hope to change, in any significant way, the basic grammar of schooling.
  37. Personalized Instruction -- From Phi Delta Kappan, this article gives a solid overview of the elements of personalized learning environments, including PLPs.
  38. Developing Personal Learning Plans at Montpelier High School
  39. Promising Practices for Redesigning High Schools to Personalize Learning
  40. What is a personalized high school?
  41. Engaged Learning
  42. Emotional I.Q. and Multiple Intelligences

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