1. A Practical Guide for Crisis Response In Our Schools -- Up-to-date and resourceful site from the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
  2. Educators for Social Responsibility -- Superbly resourceful and timely site with straight talk and creative approachers. A+
  3. Safe School Resources
  4. Web Sites Related to School Safety and Violence Prevention
  5. National Resource Center for Safe Schools
  6. National Alliance for Safe Schools
  7. The Challenge of School Violence
  8. School Violence Links
  9. School Safety Resources
  10. Creating Safe Schools for Lesbian and Gay Students
  11. The Three Rís of School Safety
  12. Critical Issue: Developing and Maintaining Safe Schools
  13. Infusing Prevention into the Curriculum
  14. Center for Safe Schools
  15. The Safety Zone
  16. National School Safety Center
  17. Creating Safe Schools and Healthy Students
  18. Awesome Library: Safe Schools
  19. Conflict Resolution


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