Service learning blends service to others and the goals of the curriculum. Service Learning has been demonstrated to be an effective way to engage students in their own learning, increase the depth and meaning of academic earning, provide needed services to the community, and to promote caring and understanding among diverse people. As these links indicate, a tremendous number of purposes are addressed by service learning, and it is an approach amenable to being combined with Problem-Based Learning and other experiential methods.

  1. Enriching the Curriculum Through Service Learning

  2. Integrating service-learning in individual educational plans for primary school students with disabilities

  3. Welcome to Service Learning

  4. Learning In Deed: Service-Learning Resources for Teachers -- A rich and resourceful site

  5. Learning In Deed: California

  6. National Service-Learning Partnership Teaching Resources

  7. Service Learning: Education Beyond the Classroom

  8. National Service-Learning Clearinghouse

  9. Service Learning

  10. Service-Learning in High School

  11. Service Learning: Web Resources -- A lot of Good Links!

  12. Service-Learning

  13. The Big Dummy's Guide To Service-Learning


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