WISDOM Project Resources

  1. Wisdom Quotes
  2. Quotes on Wisdom
  3. What is Wisdom?
  4. Healing Space Quotations
  5. Preteen Planet -- Check out the Teen Wisdom link to the lower right!
  6. Answers to Life's Big Questions -- Add your own answers, too.
  7. "Life's Big Questions" Guide & Resources -- Scientific viewpoints, from Scientific American
  8. TA Tutor -- An amazing array of wisdom from Transactional Analysis (I'm OK, You're OK. The Games People Play)
  9. Online Self-Help Book
  10. Quotations
  11. Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
  12. Werner Erhard's Famous Aphorisms
  13. “Quote Unquote” -- Character and Integrity Topics
  14. Nightingale-Conant's "Motivational Quotes"
  15. Haiku
  16. Epigrams
  17. Proverbs
  18. THE GIST OF IT: brutal truths. bitter wisdom. gallows humor.
  19. The Wisdom Page
  20. Words of Wisdom
  21. The Pearls of Wisdom
  22. Discovering Ancient Wisdom - A Source for Seekers
  23. Ancient Wisdom Regained
  24. Wisdom of the Bible
  25. Wisdom and Wilderness
  26. Feelings: A User's Guide
  27. The Inner Critic
  28. AllSpirit
  29. The Power of Peace
  30. The Blind Men and the Elephant
  31. Political Aspects of Education & Media
  32. Mission Statement Builder for Teens -- Try this out and print the results!
  33. Tending the Flame -- The Link between Education and Medicine in Childhood
  34. The Emerging New Culture -- Everything is interconnected in such a way that the properties of the smallest pieces depend on the properties of the whole.
  35. Spirituality and Psychology
  36. Spirit& Wisdom
  37. Self-Reflection More Critical To Wisdom Than Knowledge

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