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  Teaching and Learning for Diversity

Essential Questions: Answering



Course Outline
  Your answers to the essential questions, contained in the four units of the course, will be used to create a Teaching for Diversity Handbook.  Each unit in the course should have a separate section within the handbook. These sections should be further divided into two parts: A Big Ideas and Essential Questions section, and a Resources and Strategies section.

As you read through the given sites, focus on the essential question and which areas of the site provide you with the best answer to that question. Each section of your handbook should contain both your ideas and annotated listings of the web sites.

Your annotations should include comments describing the significance of the site, in forms of your interests and the classes you teach.

Note the Rubric for Course Portfolio Assessment.

There are no single right answers to the Essential Questions. Further, the nature of the web links results in individual lines of investigation and choices as you move into deeper levels via the links on each page.

For instance, you might write “The site XXXX [] gave me a different perspective on how to help students learn _____. It also cleared up for me something I was confused about, and that is what educators mean by __________.”

Your annotation should elaborate on your reasoning and ideas, of course.

Essential Questions
  Unit One
  Unit Two
  Unit Three
  Unit Four
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