CREATIVITY can be taught, nurtured, enhanced. While school rooms have often stifled rather than nourished creativity, we are now emerging into a period demanding creativity for the workplace as well as the school, and the forms schooling will assume in the future. Just as present-day schools were the invention of the Victorian Age to meet the needs of the developing Industrial, factory Age, in the Information Age we need new forms of schooling and learning. The pathways will be through CREATIVITY.

  1. Creativity Techniques -- Awesome collection of strategies
  2. How to Develop Student Creativity
  3. Go Create -- Creative Center of the Universe
  4. Stimulate Your Creativity
  5. Creating a Climate for Innovation
  6. Creativity At Work: Quotes
  7. Ideational Fluency and other Characteristics of Creative Individuals
  8. Creatively Gifted
  9. Creativity and Flow Psychology
  10. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  11. The Science of Creativity
  12. Conversations About Creativity
  13. Lyrical Works -- An awesome range and depth of links
  14. Creativity, Innovation and Problem Solving: Some Guidelines with Linked Historical Examples
  15. Developing Creative/Critical Habits of Mind
  16. Inventive Thinking Curriculum Project
  17. An Interview with Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu--Interview with the inventor of the floppy disk and holder of over 2,300 patents
  18. How To Develop Student Creativity
  19. Thinking Applied Home page
  20. Adventures in Creativity
  21. Links to Thinking Applied
  22. Creative Teaching Homepage
  23. Using Creative Dramatics!
  24. The Top 10 Keys To Developing Personal Creativity
  25. ThinkSmart Articles & Reports
  26. Creativity Resources Online -- Creativity through writing!
  27. Fostering Academic Creativity in Gifted Students
  28. Building Emotional Intelligence Skills: Creativity
  29. Fostering Creativity-A Balancing Act
  30. Brainstorming
  31. Free Training in Traditional Brainstorming and Advanced Brainstorming
  32. Brainstorming: We Can Teach "Creativity"
  33. The Learning Revolution - Book Summary
  34. Creative Problem Solving -- Project Renaissance's interesting site
  35. Creativity in Adulthood
  36. 5th Discipline Resources For Creating Schools That Learn
  37. Force Field Analysis
  38. Critical Path Analysis
  39. PMI - Plus/Minus/Interesting
  40. SWOT Analysis - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
  41. Decision Theory and Decision Trees
  42. Information Skills
  43. The Creative Classrooms Project: Project Zero
  44. The Top Ten Keys To Developing Personal Creativity
  45. Educating for Resiliency


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