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Need a rubric?
Check out the pages below for sample rubrics to help you create your own. 

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4 - exceeds standards

3 - meets standards

2 - approaching standards

1 - below standards

The assessment page has links to other forms of assessment and evaluation.   There are also links to online rubric and checklist creation sites.

Chicago Public Schools - Tips for Choosing Rubrics

PALS Guide:  Rubrics and Scoring 

  How to turn rubrics into grades - article 

Research Skills

Sample Project Rubrics
Paper Based on an Interview
Research Report Rubric
Report Rubric
Subject Content
Timeline Rubric
Historical Research Project
Research Assessment Rubric  

Group Work

Group Performance Rating Scale; Group Likert Scale - Alaska
(a variety of other rubrics are also found on this page)
Collaboration Rubric
Group Summary
Student Observation


Planet Sizes - Teacher
Planet Sizes - Student
Ecosystems - Gr.3
Intermediate Rubric - Gr.7/8
Scientific Report Rubric
Primary Science Rubric  Science Rubrics
SNC 1DT - Newspaper Report on Biotechnology

SNC 1DT Electricity Project Rubric
Independent Study Progress & Project Presentation
Lab Report

Classification Checklist/Rubric
Social Studies Geography & History

GeoMystery Project
The Egypt Game Gr. 6
Map Rubric 
Map Rubric 2  
History/Social Science Rubrics  
 Studies/Music Report Rubric .pdf 
Oral Exam - Gr. 11
Perfect School - Gr. 11 Model
Journal Grading Rubric Gr. 11
Job Shadow Interview Assignment 
Research Worksheet
Rubric for Drawing Political Cartoons
Self Criticism Rubric for Creation of a  Political Cartoon  
Analyze this cartoon rubric  
Message Cartoon  


Math Assessment (work in progress) 
Data and Graph Rubric
Data and Graphs Rubrics
Data, Graphs and Theory
Problem of the Week  
Math Grading Rubric  
Math Rubric (Missouri)
Rubrics for Mathematics Algebra I Rubrics

General Math Rubric  
Geometry Rubrics
Exemplars Math Rubric
Algebra 2 Rubrics
Geometry Rubrics
Grade 9-10 Rubrics - 3 sample rubrics in .pdf from DataBase Directions 

Math Problem Solving Checklist

Learning Skills

Learning Skills Rubric Gr. 9
Collaborative Work Skills Gr. 9
Learning Skills Gr. 11 -BDI3C
Learning Skills Rubric 1
Learning Skills Rubric 2
Learning Skills Rubric 3
TIK Learning Skills Rubric 
Learning Skills General Rubric
Achievement of Learning Skills Assessment Rubric for elementary

Learning Skills Checklist - Gr.11

Test Taking Skills

Guidance & Careers
Personal Career Plan
Portfolio Rubric - Career
Learner Profile Rubric (Gr. 9-10) samples from DataBased Directions 

Handwriting Skills

Thinking Skills
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking Rubric
Problems Solving Checklist of Standards Holistic Critical Thinking Rubric  
Reflection Journal Rubric

Physical Education
Physical Education Assessment Rubrics K-10 in .pdf format (work in progress)
Health Rubrics
Physical Education Rubrics - Developing Movement Concepts and Motor Skills, Composition and Communication through Movement,  Fitness & Social Skills  
Sports Rubrics - Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Softball
Physical Education Rubrics

Worksheet: Relationship of Goals to Behaviors and Levels of Attainment Classroom Management Rubric   

Rubrics for Writing Lesson Plans
Lesson Plan Rubric #1
Ed's Oasis Lesson Plan Rubric
Lesson Plan Rubric #2
Lesson Plan Rubric #3
Lesson Plan Rubric #4
Arts Lesson Plan Rubric
Web Evaluation Lesson Plan Rubric
Lesson Plan Presentation Grading Rubric
Hunter Lesson Plan Rubric - List of Questions

Kindergarten Rubrics

Language Arts - names upper and lower case letters 
Language Arts - all strands 
Writing - 5 levels 
Writing Checklist
Science - Zoo 
K-2 Handbook in .pdf 


Music Assessment Rubrics K-12 in .pdf format (a work in progress)  
Concept Mapping  
Singing Skills  
Evaluation for Group Music Project  
Portfolio Reflection-Classroom Music  
Recorder Skill Assessment
Striving For Musical Excellence
A Sample Rubric According To Skills You Have Taught
Sea Life Music Project  
Several Music Rubrics by David Conrad - including Show Choir Audition, Color Guard Audition, beginning Band and performance 


Select Fine Arts from the Rubric Bank
Dance Assessment Guidelines  

Drama & Theatre

Dramatic Reader Score Sheet

Assessment Rubric for Theatre  
Acting Evaluation
Drama - sample rubrics in .pdf from DataBase Directions 

Visual Arts

Visual Arts - sample rubrics in .pdf for grades 9-10  from DataBase Directions 
Rubric for a visual product:  poster, collage, poster, political cartoon, etc. 
Poster Rubric
Travel Poster - Use of Color
Artwork Assessment Form

Rubric for Grading Art
Rubric for Evaluating Art Project WebQuest
DBEA Art History, Aesthetics & Criticism, Rubric
Reflection & Critique
Art Rubric
Elementary Art Individual Progress Report - the same page includes the following:
Art Criticism Rating Scale
Defining the Qualities of a Masterpiece
Aesthetics Dialogue About the Value of Art From Different Eras
Georgia O'Keefe Color Relationships
Pastel Drawing Rubric
Portfolio Assessment Rating Scale
Art Critical Reasoning Rubric
High School Assessment Activity Vignette
High School Assessment Rubric for Visual Arts
Primary Level Art Problem Solving Assessment
College & University Level Assessments
Assessment Handbook in .pdf
Performance Task Assessment List for Poster

Computer Art & Graphics
Digital Imaging
Digital Art Rubric

Foreign Language Skills

Foreign Language HS in .pdf format (work in progress) 
PALS Performance Assessment for Language Students

French Core/Immersion

Oral Competency Rubric
Written Competency Test Rubric
French - Gr. 9/10 Ontario Achievement Chart
Grille d'évaluation de la lecture méthodique
BC's sample assessment tasks for grades 5 to 12 with rubrics
Grilles d'évaluation de la composition 
Sports collectifs (.doc)
Sports individuels 

Evaluating Web Sites
K.Schrock's Critical Evaluation Information for the WWW
Web Page Design

Desired Characteristics for a Website
Website Evaluations
For Primary Grades
For Intermediate Grades
For Secondary Grades
School Web Site

Evaluating a Student Created Web Page
Evaluation Rubric
Student Designed Web Page Rubric  
Webpage Evaluation Criteria


Utah Technology Awareness Project Rubrics 
Projects K to 12
Use of Technology Rubrics  
Technology Competency Rubric  
General Technology Rubrics  
Internet Skills Rubrics
Camera Work
Third Grade Technology Samples
Technology, Research, Presentation Components Rubric for Gr. 9-10
I2 Search Project - Gr.9
Rubric for Assessing Electronic Portfolios Rubrics from WebQuest 
Tools for Technology - Rubrics - Gr. 9 
Communications Technology Rubric Index

Video Production 

Video Production Rubric  
Video Production Rubric 2
Lab exercise  & Video Project
Video Assessment Rubric
A+ Rubric - Video Project Rubric


Short Story
Salem-Kaizer Scoring Guide - Writing
Writing Gr. 1  
Writing Fiction Rubric Gr. 2  
Writing Rubric for K & Gr. 1
Comparison Rubric
Comparative Study Rubric
Letter Gr. 3
Autobiographical Incident 
Editorial Rubric  
Language Usage 
6-Trait Student Friendly Rubrics
Writing to Inform
Writing to Persuade
Personal Expression
Writing Expectations - Gr. 7/8 and page 2
Information Summary Rubric
Observation & Critique Rubric  Performance Assessments for Writing Tasks
Essay Rubric - Stylistic Analysis of Text
Essay Rubric - Stylistic Analysis of Text Year 10
Newspaper Report Rubric Year 8 Analytical Essay on Feature Article
Analytical Essay on Style Used in Novel (Animal Farm)
Analytical Essay on Theme - Lower School
Analytical Essay on Theme - Upper School
Basic Comprehension and Composition Exercises
Descriptive Introduction to Short Story
Irony - Sarcastic Piece of Writing
Metaphoric Poems
Persuasive Essay
Persuasive Speech on Contemporary Issue
Reflection Journal
Tutorial Presentation on Literary Elements in allocated Chapters in a Novel (includes a Peer Assessment Rubric which students use as they are watching the presentation of their peers)
Film Analysis

Rubrics for Writing Reviews

Article/Book Review Grading Checklist  
Lit Review Grading Checklist  

Speaking Skills

Salem-Keizer Scoring Guide  Communicate through Speaking
Panel Discussion Rubric
Debate Rubric #2
Debate Rubric #3
Roller Coaster Debate
Debate Rubric
Presentation and Defense (PAD) Rubrics 
Panelist's Rubric for Oral PAD
Total Score Sheet for Oral PAD
Teacher's Rubric for Written PAD
Peer Evaluation Rubric for Oral Presentation
TV News Program  Grading Rubric  
Oral Presentation #1
Oral Presentation #2
Group Discussion
Discussion of Results
Presentation Rubric
Group Presentation
Persuasive Speech Evaluation Rubric Interview Assessment Criteria

Speech Rubric for Grade 9
Defense Speech Rubric
Speech Rubric
Persuasive Speech Rubric

Reading Skills

Holistic Guide for Reading Log
Reading Contract  
Literature Review Rubric    

Reading Rubric/Checklist HS

Multimedia Projects

Corel Presentations or PowerPoint Gr. 11
PowerPoint Presentation
PowerPoint Presentation (Student's Presentation)
Multimedia Presentation Rubric  
Corel Presentations Rubric

HyperStudio Project Evaluation Rubric 4 pt.
HyperStudio Rubric for Student Work - 6pt    
Student Web Page/Multimedia Project Rubric - 4 pt 
Multimedia Project Rubric  
HyperStudio Rubric 5 pt  
Slide Show Gr. 3
Grading Rubric for PowerPoint Presentations
Evaluation for PowerPoint Presentation
Presentation of Research Rubric

Rubrics by Subject - All Strands Addressed


Sightlines Program  Rubrics for a variety of English Assignments
Grade 7 - Sightlines  
Grade 8 - Sightlines  



Social Studies  

Language Arts - Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, grades 9/10

Language Arts - Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, grades 11/12

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