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"In a school where the sole purpose is to manufacture competent workers for the nation's technological-industrial complex, perhaps the need for literary instruction and reading would not be keenly felt. ...But if schools serve a greater function, to help create empowered and attentive citizens who can both pursue fulfilling and fruitful individual lives and who can contribute in transformative ways to the life of a democracy, then literature must take a central place in the curriculum." from You Gotta BE the Book by Jeffrey Wilhem

  1. Panorama High School
  2. California CareerZone -- Information on careers, job requirements and outlook, Self-Assessments, Reality Check of independent-living expenses, and a Search Feature that makes it easy to find job data on any career.
  3. Integrated Curriculum -- Resources for making connections
  4. Urban Education Partnership -- A Potential Source for Professional and Curriculum Development
  5. SDAIE Strategies -- Adaptations for Second-Language students
  6. Backward Design -- Planning with the end in mind
  7. Standards-Based Thematic Units -- A 5 step process for curriculum design
  8. 2003 - 2007 CST Released Test Questions -- Released test questions from the 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 California Standards Tests
  9. Vertical Curriculum Mapping
  10. Route 21 -- 21st Century Skills and Resources
  11. The Socratic Method
  12. Direct Instruction
  13. Cooperative and Collaborative Learning
  14. Project Based Learning -- Ideal for integrated and interdisciplinary curricula
  15. Creativity
  16. New Horizons for Learning -- A richly diverse site on the best in educational reform
  17. Essential Questions in Teaching and Learning
  18. Positive Discipline
  19. Assessment Matters!
  20. Assessing Through Senior Exhibitions and Projects -- Great explanations, links and directions.
  21. Guidelines for Portfolio Assessment
  22. Internships for High School Students
  23. Learning Best Through Experience
  24. An Overview of Kathie Nunley's Layered Curriculum
  25. Advisory Resources
  26. Teaching Tolerance
  27. Curriculum In-Sites
  28. In-Sites for Educators
  29. Teacher Development Network Courses -- Courses in all curriculum areas
  30. Motivating Teens, Teachers, and Parents
  31. Counseling High School Teens
  32. Best Practices & Effective Schools
  33. Parent & Family Engagement -- And communities, too
  34. Personalizing High School
  35. School Equity and Access
  36. Character Education
  37. Socratic Seminars
  38. Service Learning
  39. In-Sites into Educational Reform -- Numerous interesting links
  40. Grant Writing and Funding
  41. Global Awareness
  42. Scaffolding Website -- A Key strategy in teaching higher level content and skills
  43. Developing/Revising A More Effective 21st Century Curriculum
  44. Study Guides & Strategies -- Research indicates that work on study skills results in greater reading score gains than does work on reading skills.
  45. Academic Vocabulary List


  46. English Curriculum Standards Grades 9-10
  47. English Curriculum Standards Grades 11-12
  48. 9th grade English
  49. 11th grade American Literature
  50. AP English Resources
  51. Teaching Strategic Literacy and Sheltered English
  52. Teaching English Language Learners
  53. Teaching and Learning English More Effectively -- Numerous links leading to sites in all areas of English
  54. Teaching Literature -- Great links for all areas of literature
  55. English Companion -- Burlingame English Teacher Jim Burke's site!
  56. Teacher Resources -- Richly resourceful site!
  57. Web English Teacher -- Covers all areas!
  58. Center on English Learning & Achievement: Research Reports
  59. Mything Links
  60. MsEffie's LifeSavers for English Teachers
  61. High School Hub: English
  62. Handling the Paper Load
  63. Traci's Lists of Ten -- NCTE feature
  64. Traci's List of Ten Ways to Play with Literature
  65. Project Assignments
  66. Grammar Guide for Teachers
  67. Parts of Speech
  68. ShakespeareHelp.com
  69. The Penguin Classics Teaching Guides
  70. S.C.O.R.E. Activity Bank
  71. Curriculum Units by Fellows of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute
  72. The Craft of Writing
  73. Reading and Writing Poetry
  74. Character Immersion Guided Reading and Writing
  75. Guided Writing in Second-language Classrooms
  76. Journal and "Free Writing" Topics
    ASSESSMENT in English Language Arts

  77. Rubrics! -- Great site to help you evaluate students most fairly and to help them learn to self-evaluate in all areas of English!
  78. Rubrics for English Teachers To Save Time
  79. 6+1 Trait® Writing Scoring
  80. Types of Assessment
  81. Theory Meets Practice in Language Arts Assessment
  82. Writing Portfolio Assessment
  83. Assessment Guidelines - Introduction to the Online Version -- Valuable site!
  84. Dear English Teachers --Performance Assessment represents a change of thinking regarding the teaching-learning-assessment culture in the English classrooms. It requires teachers to re-examine their teaching and assessment practices.

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