The most recent calls for integrated curriculum have come for middle school educators. As these links reveal, there are productive undertakings in organizing curriculum by thematic concepts, essential questions, problems, projects, and other means that cause natural overlappings and reinforcement for the disciplines which are often so needlessly isolated from one another. More like what we encounter in lifelong learning, integrated curriculum prepares students to think and create in more lively and lifelike ways.


  1. Interdisciplinary Learning in Your Classroom -- Resourceful site!
  2. Interdisciplinary Resources -- From the Web English Teacher, integrate with Art, Family and Consumer Science, Health, Math, Music, Science, Social Studies, and Technology
  3. Interdisciplinary Studies Links -- From Harvard's Project Zero
  4. Interdisciplinary Studies Online Resources at Education Index
  5. Interdisciplinary Curiculum Planning
  6. Interdisciplinary Curriculum Design -- A scholarly exploration
  7. What are Thematic Teaching and Curriculum Integration?
  8. Integrated Curriculum -- Check out the chart!
  9. Curriculum Integration -- A key site
  10. How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School
  11. Integrating Curriculum: The Small Schools Project
  12. LAEP Humanitas Los Angeles Humanitas project
  13. THE Interdisciplinary Continuum: Reconciling Therory, Research and Practice -- Long, but really worth reading!
  14. The Growing Need for Interdisciplinary Curriculum Content
  15. Integrating Thinking and Learning Skills Across the Curriculum
  16. New Jersey Cross-Content Workplace Readiness Curriculum Framework: A Road Map for Learning -- A Document in Support of the Cross-Content Workplace Readiness Standards
  17. Susan Kovalik's Integrated Thematic Instruction
  18. Toward an Integrated Curriculum -- Great chart here, too, of "Ten Views for Integrating Curriculum"
  19. Integrated Curriculum in Early Childhood Education
  20. Assessing Young Children's Progress Appropriately -- Links and rationale for Integrated Curriculum
  21. Middle School Pupils and Community Service
  22. The Logic of Interdisciplinary Studies -- Clear explanation and implications of interdisciplinary, integrated, and integrative curricula
  23. Interdisciplinary Writing Assignments
  24. Teaching Disciplinary Thinking in Academic Coursework
  25. Developing an Applied and Integrated Curriculum -- High School emphasis and links!
  26. Interdisciplinary Curriculum
  27. Math and Economics
  28. Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement
  29. Center for Media Literacy -- Media literacy is not a new subject to teach but a new way to teach all subjects!
  30. How Students Learn: History, Mathematics, and Science in the Classroom
  31. Project Based Learning
  32. Creating Schools That Learn
  33. Questing the Web: Web Quests As Essential Questions -- Natural way to integrate curriculum topics
  34. Essential Questions in Teaching and Learning -- Gives authentic context for curriculum integration


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