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  Teaching and Learning for Diversity

Course Outline: Description



Course Outline
  Teaching and Learning for Diversity is an Essay driven course that utilizes online resources. You will be given a number of links to web sites that contain material pertaining to diversity. By investigating these sites you will gain a better understanding of Teaching and Learning for Diversity.

As you investigate the web sites, you will construct a Teaching for Diversity Handbook that will aid you in your future teaching. The web sites provided are broken down into four units; with each unit beginning with an Essential Question. Your answers to these Essential Questions will each be contained within a separate section of your Teaching for Diversity Handbook.

Assessment is based on the work you produce in a series of essays/listings for each Essential Question or topic you "connect with", and on your annotated lists of sites supporting your views and reflecting your web work. The course is Pass/Fail, in order to switch the center of judgment from the Professor to the Teacher/Student.

Essential Questions
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