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  Teaching and Learning for Diversity

Unit One: Primary Links

Course Outline
In what ways might you adapt your teaching/curriculum for learning disabled and gifted and talented students?
The Animal School
A.D,D. The Karmic View
ThinkQuest theAbleDisAbled
IDEA on-line text from NEA

Special Education and the Real Meaning of LD
Guidance on Teaching Gifted and talented Pupils - Excellent British site, with guidelines and strategies for each subject.
Teaching the Gifted and Talented Web Links
Inclusion - Very practical links.
Big Chalk's special Education Links
Characteristics of Behavior Disorders & Emotional Disturbance - Excellent array of sites, including teaching strategies.
Teaching Strategies and Techniques - Specific by type of disability problem.
General and IEP Resources - Check out the IEP links in particular.
Understanding the Individualized Education Program (I.E.P.)
"Learned Helplessness" and the LD Student
Essential Questions
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  Secondary Links
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