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  Teaching and Learning for Diversity

Unit Two: Secondary Links

Course Outline
In what ways might you adapt your teaching/curriculum for English language learners in your classes?
Learning with Fun in bilingual Education
Resource Collections for Bilingual Education
Professional Development & Books
Authentic Assessment


Browse: Links for Students, Links for Teachers or What's New

James Crawford's Language Policy Web Site & Emporium
Second-Language Reading and Biliteracy Instruction Bibliography
Effective Schooling Practices for Language Minority Students - A Bibliography
Eric: "How effective is bilingual education"
Language Assessment: What it Measures & How
Standards for PreK-12 ESOL Students
Pre-K Through 3 Standards
Grades 4-8 Standards
Promising Futures: Introduction to TESOL Standards
Curriculum and Instruction for Bilingual Education
Issues in Freirean Pedagogy - Excellent primer on liberatory, empowering education.
Florida Language Arts Through ESOL
Florida ESOL: Standards and Benchmarks
Florida ESOL: Instructional Stategies
Criteria for Success in Two-Way Immersion Programs
Two-Way Immersion Schools in Central and Western Massachusetts
Learning With Fun in Bilingual Education
Dave's ESL Cafe
Computers in Action - Learning word processing in and ESL/ESOL setting.
Favorite Links for English Learners
Planet English
Activities for ESL Students - Quizzes, crossword puzzles, web treasure hunts and more.
EFL Playhouse
The Taiwan Teacher: Ideas for ESL/TESOL
TESL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/EFL/ESOL Links - Links of interest to studens and teacher of English as a second language.
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Resource Collections for Bilingual Education
Massachusetts Resources for Educating Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students
National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education
Bilingual Education/ESL Links
Literacy for Language Minority Students and Their Families
ESL/Bilingual Lesson Plans & Resources
Lesson Plans & Resources
Internet TESL Journal (Lesson Plans & Activities)
Bilingual ED/ESL Net Links from The Mining Co.
Bilingual Internet Resources (University of Texas. Includes Federal laws on Bilingual Education.)
Bilingual Education: Policies, Purposes & Definitions
Language Education Links
Definitive List of Links for Bilingual and ESL Educaiton
ESL A La Carte
The Movies, Race & Ethnicity: Latinos
National Council of La Raza: Hispanic Links
Esterellita: Accelerated Beginning Spanish for Latino Students
Primary Education (K-3) Resources for Bilingual Educators
Latino Resources on the Net
Hispanic Links from the Multicultural Pavilion
Dave's ESL Cafe
Success for Limited Language Users - The Spanish versions of Success for All now used in bilingual classes, Lee Conmigo and Alas para Leer, show strong positive effects on student achievement.
Spanish Lessons form Madras High
In-Sites for Teaching Spanish and ESL
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Professional Development & Books
Center for Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Youth
Center for Multilingual, Multicultural Research
Authentic Assessment
Accountability & Assessment in Bilingual Education
Practical Ideas on Alternative Assessments for ESL Students
In-Sites for Assessment
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